Wholesale wooden home accessories

As wholesale wooden home accessories, Mars & More offers an extensive collection of wooden home accessories. With a wooden decoration or wooden wall decoration from our wholesale wooden decoration, every interior will get the desired atmosphere and look: rural, romantic or sturdy. Furthermore, our atmospheric mango wood accessories are very popular. If you are a professional retailer, get inspired by our wooden home accessories.

Types of wooden home accessories

The choice of wooden home accessories at our wholesale wooden decoration is very extensive. As a professional retailer you can choose from various types of wooden home decoration, including wooden wall decoration, wooden bench decoration, window sill decoration wood, wall decoration wood metal, wooden decoration on base and numerous other wooden interior accessories. Mars & More is also wholesale mango wood our attractive mango wood accessories are very popular.

Mango wood accessories

Mango wood comes from the mango fruit tree from Southeast Asia and Australia. Mango wood is a durable type of wood and the wood of the mango tree is only used when the tree no longer produces fruit. Mars & More's collection of mango wood accessories includes mango wood chopping boards as well as bowls and cutlery. Our mango wood cutting boards are hard and durable. With proper maintenance they remain beautiful and you will enjoy them for years. Besides functional use, you can also use the cutting boards as serving boards. Wood creates a rustic atmosphere in the kitchen. Put a large mango wood cutting board against the wall in the kitchen and combine it with our other mango wood kitchen accessories. Our unique collection of mango wood bowls also have a beautiful and natural look. Mango wood bowls can be used as serving bowl, fruit bowl or salad bowl. The beautiful wooden bowls and cutting boards are perfect for presenting food in a stylish way. Furthermore, all the cutlery in our range is also made of mango wood. If you choose a mango wood decoration as a retailer, then you are assured of a decoration with a warm color that is also strong and durable.