Wholesale sober living accessories

Wholesale sober living accessories Mars & More has an interesting collection of sober living and lifestyle products. Most of the sober home accessories in our wholesale cool and sober living are made of natural materials. You will find in our wholesale tough country living accessories include candle holders, wine accessories, coat racks, shoe horns and many more sober living accessories. Take a quick look at our tough and sober home accessories in the shop!

Candle holders

If you are a professional reseller active in the purchase of sober home accessories, then our silver candle holders are a good choice. A silver candle holder gives a sober, cool atmosphere to the living space. In addition to silver candle holders, Mars & More has a wide collection of other candle holders in different colors and materials.
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Wine accessories

If you want to buy cool home accessories as a retailer, then wine accessories should not be missing. For wine lovers we always have a nice wine decoration or bar decoration in stock. A wine bottle decoration, wine bottle decoration or wine cork decoration makes enjoying a glass of wine or champagne extra special. The right bar decoration and attractive wine accessories ensure that an evening with friends or family will be even more enjoyable. Our collection of wine accessories includes wine stoppers, bottle openers and wine coolers.
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Coat racks

As wholesale sober living, Mars & More also has coat racks. Our coat racks have unique designs and are of good quality because they are made of aluminum or wood. Besides coat racks with unique designs, our collection also includes functional coat hooks for many coats. Furthermore, Mars & More has a wide range of animal hooks with unique designs of different animals such as a deer head, sheep head, ibex and many more!
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Shoe horns

At Mars & More, shoe horns are very popular. In our webshop, retailers can choose from a wide collection of long shoe horns made of metal with a unique design. We chose metal shoehorns because of the strong quality and we also specifically chose a long shoehorn, because then there is no need to bend down to put on shoes. Ideal anyway!
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Other sober home accessories

Besides candle holders, wine accessories, coat racks and shoe horns, we have many more sober home accessories in our wholesale sober home accessories, such as rugs and mats, door stoppers, vases, decorative branches, picture frames, mirrors, wall decorations, decorations on base and hanging decorations.