Mars & More supports the Sampark Foundation

Education for children and young adults in India

We were proud to receive the first official sponsor certificate from the Sampark Foundation. It is dedicated to providing educational projects for children from rural India and the slums of New Delhi.

A shared vision

We share the Sampark Foundation's belief that education is one of the most important factors for children and young adults to secure a decent future. The Foundation initiates and organises structural, local educational projects in the Budaun district of India. These projects, primary education and vocational training, are focused on combating illiteracy and poverty in the city and in the countryside.

Sound structural basis

Fundraising in the Netherlands enables the Sampark Foundation to generate the necessary funds to give the projects in India a sound structural basis. One-off large scale building modifications or new builds are financed from the profits of extra events and campaigns. There are four Sampark Foundation schools in the countryside and three vocational training centres in the slums of New Delhi, which are fully provided for by the Foundation. This involves meeting the salaries of teachers, providing bicycles for cycle projects, sewing machines and computers for training purposes as well as rent, energy costs and much more. The Sampark Foundation provides schooling for some 2,200 children and young adults