Company philosophy

We work with real passion for our customers around the world every day. Satisfied customers and top quality products are our starting point in everything that we do. This is the case from the design process up to and including delivery to the customer. We will always be there for you if you have any questions or observations prior to your order, while placing your order or following placement of your order.


Our mission involves bringing nature back inside and into people's daily lives. Urbanisation has increased the distance between people and nature. We attempt to change this state of affairs with our unique products, which we often design ourselves.


Back2Nature has been the starting point for all our collections right from the start. We return everyday objects to the archetypes for which they were originally devised. We make the maximum possible use of natural materials when doing so without compromising on quality and functionality.

Our design department works closely with producers in distant countries. We are constantly looking for the finest raw materials, which are obtained directly from nature in an ethical manner. Then our producers work with these raw materials in such a way that you receive a product which will give you many years of pleasure.

We can provide you with this guarantee thanks to our comprehensive quality control system. We pay regular visits to our producers so we can examine the production process on location. We also check the products when they arrive at our warehouse and final checks are made prior to dispatch to customers.