Maintenance of animal skins

Mars & More is a wholesaler skins and furs, specialized in natural materials. In our webshop you will find an extensive collection of animal skins and furs. Wool and leather are naturally self-cleaning and therefore most of the substances break down by themselves. But to keep them in good condition for a long time after purchase, it is important to maintain them properly.

Sheep skins

A sheepskin is the accessory to make your home more cozy. To keep your sheepskin beautiful for a long time, it is important not to forget the maintenance of the sheepskin. It is important to brush or pat your sheepskin regularly to keep the wool soft, neat and fresh.

Sheepskin shaved

Maintenance of sheepskins with short wool consists of washing and cleaning the coat. They can be washed by hand. After washing, lay the coat flat and stretch it a little so that the skin does not shrink during drying. For drying the coat, it is also recommended to dry it out of direct sunlight and heat.

Sheepskin long hair

For the coats with long wool, it is recommended to gently comb it regularly with a comb to fluff it out. Small stains can be easily removed with a slightly damp cloth. Above all, do not use too much water!

Dyed wool

Do not expose the dyed sheepskin to direct sunlight to prevent fading of the color. It is also recommended not to place the dyed fleece in a humid room because of the possible loosening of the paint.


A cowhide is a timeless item in interior design and therefore remains popular. After purchasing a cowhide, you would prefer to keep it beautiful for as long as possible. Proper maintenance and cleaning of a cowhide is very important for this purpose. A cowhide can be aired outside or whipped out for refreshment. Have you waited a long time to clean and do you see a lot of dust or food residue? Then it is also possible to gently vacuum the hide. Finally, the skin can also be moistened once in a while with a light mist of water, for example with a plant sprayer to make it fresh again. Never soak the skin! If there is a stain, it is best to clean it with natural detergent such as green soap.

Rabbit Furs

Rabbits are part of the lagomorphs and have wonderfully soft fur. A rabbit fur decoration is an attractive addition to the interior. To keep it beautiful for a long time, it is important that these coats are also well maintained. Rabbit coats may be brushed and patted out occasionally.

Other skins

Other hides such as goat skin, reindeer skin, deer skin and springbok skin basically require the same maintenance as cow hides.

All of our cow hides and furs are residual products. This means that we respectfully give these hides and furs a second life as decoration. Our buyers select the skins with care, especially for our customers. Therefore, the hides and furs are of high quality and remain beautiful for an incredibly long time.