Hides and Skins maintenance

Maintenance tips

Brush and vacuum regularly to keep the wool fluffy, soft and clean.

Short wool

Skins with short wool can be washed by hand. Special cleaning agents are available for wool. Put the skin down after washing and stretch it a few times to avoid shrinking during drying. Avoid direct sunlight and direct heat while drying.

Long wool

Easily remove small stains with a sponge or a lightly wetted cloth. You can use a special liquid cleaning agent for wool. Mix it with a little water and use the foam to clean the skin. Stretch the skin a few times after washing to prevent it shrinking. Comb the skin carefully to unravel it.

Dyed wool

Do not expose the dyed skin to direct sunlight to prevent fading of the color. Only steam the dyed wool. The colored skins may peel off.


The hide can be vacuum cleaned in the direction of the hair growth. This must be done with a very low suction setting. The hide can also be beaten to freshen it up. Remove dirt? Always use a clean cloth. Did you accidentally put off cleaning for too long? Dried dirt can be removed with a lightly wetted cloth. Never leave the hides to dry close to heaters and radiators. It is recommended that you wet the hide from time to time with a light water spray, from a plant sprayer for example. Never allow the hide to become soaking wet.