Deer head decoration

A deer head decoration from Mars & More brings a natural and rustic atmosphere to any interior. Our deer accessories collection includes a deer head wall decoration, deer head wall decoration or deer head wall and numerous cushions and plaids with deer print. Other items with a decoration deer head are our wind lights, candle holders and many more deer accessories.

Cushion deer

As a retailer of home accessories, you will find a wide collection of decorative deer cushion at Mars & More. Our range of cushion with deer includes wool cushion deer with application deer head, gobelin cushions with deer head and deer print on velvet cushions. These cushions provide a natural look and are available in different colors and sizes. The cushions with deer head are great to combine with our nice warm plaids with deer print.

Deer candle holder

A deer candle holder brings a rural and natural atmosphere into your home, where our cozy candle holder circle deer is a real eye-catcher. In addition to a deer candle holder, our range of deer head decoration includes a wide selection of deer print wind lights. Flickering candle flames in a Mars & More windlight create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home. A deer windlight is available in small, medium and large and in various designs, including green, white/gold, gold, brown, black and gray. The colored glass gives a nice color accent in your interior and the varied deer prints conjure up beautiful patterns on walls and ceiling.

Many more deer accessories

Besides pillows, plaids, candle holders and windlights, Mars & More has many more deer home accessories, including a metal deer head, a gold deer head and a mango wood deer head. Other beautiful deer accessories from our collection are a vase deer, bell deer, piggy bank deer, deer pendant, doormat deer, doorstop deer and a canvas tapestry with deer motif. In terms of fashion, we have a crossbody bag, keychain, shoehorn, pouch, canvas shopper and an umbrella, all with a beautiful deer head decoration.
Finally, deer decorations for dining should not go unmentioned. This collection consists of placemats and coasters with deer prints, various bowls with an artistic deer decoration, wine cooler deer, wine stopper deer and a champagne cooler deer. Mars & More makes country food and drink even more atmospheric!